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Unify the delivery of speech-language pathology and reading intervention services with Amplio’s special education platform.

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Amplio centralizes providers onto one platform, setting the stage for consistent, high-quality intervention tailored for each student’s needs.


Amplio for Speech-Language Pathology

Accelerate student progress

Amplio Speech & Language

Equip your speech-language providers with our evidence-based programs, powered by the Amplio platform, to unify and elevate service delivery. Minimize administrative tasks, allowing more focus on personalized interventions.

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Remote Speech-Language Learning Services

Supplement your team with our remote SLPs, ensuring every student receives tailored support aligned with their IEPs, while easing the strain on your staff.

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Amplio for Structured Literacy Intervention

Amplio Reading Intervention

Equip your literacy educators with trusted, digitized dyslexia curricula, powered by the Amplio platform. Streamline instruction delivery, minimizing administrative tasks and optimizing interventions.

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Remote Reading Intervention Learning Services

Expand your team with our remote reading interventionists, providing structured literacy intervention in both English and Spanish, and nurturing a love for reading while aligning with student IEPs.

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Accelerate student progress

"It will allow our case managers to serve our students more efficiently, to keep better data, and adjust their service provision and their therapy. It'll take a lot of stress off their plate around the Medicaid billing, giving them more time to focus on the things they want to do – which is serve students – versus the things they have to do – which is their compliance, their case management."

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District, WA

"The kids are having fun and they’re learning. I love it."

Mary Sanchez
Bilingual Dyslexia Specialist
Crowley ISD, TX

"The Amplio platform is transparent, open, and focused on helping SLPs."

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District 411, WA


"When I saw Amplio, I was like, my headache is gone."

Gwendolyn Stallworth
Director of Special Education
Jackson County School District, MS


"It makes your progress monitoring super easy."

Aris Musa
Dyslexia Specialist
McKinney ISD, TX

"We really want to keep moving in the right, positive, futuristic direction and I think this is another asset to help us keep growing."

Christine Campbell
Lead SLP
Lancaster County School District, SC


"The platform helps students understand the coding aspect better."

Holly Jones
Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
Waco ISD, TX

Special education leaders nationwide trust Amplio

Amplio helps schools, districts, LEAs, and state departments elevate special education, empower unique learners, and equip providers with tailored tools.

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