2021 ASHA Convention Recap: The Digital SLP Experience


Helping ASHA Convention 2021 Attendees Adopt the Digital SLP Experience

The 2021 ASHA Convention (American Speech and Hearing Association) wrapped last week and we would say it was a huge success! Two members of Amplio’s pedagogy team presented a one-hour session entitled “The Digital SLP Experience: A Day in the Life” during which they shared innovative ways SLPs can incorporate digital speech language therapy into their practice.

Dr. Julie Ray Roberts, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCBA-D and Kristen Lund, CCC-SLP, discussed the ways in which digital therapy allows for a more manageable workload for school-based SLPs, increases their ability to make data-driven decisions, and helps students accelerate their progress. They presented several videos of digital SLP sessions, including activities related to articulation, sound production, reading fluency, vocabulary and other areas.

Dr. Julie Ray Roberts is a dually certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral. Dr. Roberts started her career in Deaf Education in the schools. Subsequently, she obtained her PhD in special education focusing on helping individuals with autism with minimal speech and language develop communication systems. After having a decade long private practice, she found her way to Educational Technology with Amplio Learning Technologies.

“When you begin applying digital technologies to any industry,” said Dr. Roberts at the outset of the session, “two of the things you’re going to find are a lot of efficiencies for educators and SLPs, and opportunities to accelerate student progress. The ways that you engage with students changes.”

Saving Educators Time with Automation

One of the main concerns for SLPs is streamlining an overwelming amount paperwork and documentation. Kristen Lund obtained her degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has spent her whole career working with children. She is passionate about elevating the quality of intervention while also maximizing efficiency.

Ms. Lund presented the real-time language sampling in the Amplio platform and explained how it helps make her life as an SLP easier. “One of the big deals for me, the way that I leverage technology to make it faster and more efficient and more effective, is the real-time language sample. All of the words, as my student is saying them, get transcribed on the screen, so my hand is not busy trying to write down as many words as possible. They’re also color coded by parts of speech, so that’s more analysis I don’t need to do on my lunch break,” she said at the 2021 ASHA Convention.

“The type-token is calculated in real time, and this information is stored in my notes and also in the student’s profile. So I can look back at every single session that I take a language sample, and know whether she’s using more unique words, more words in general, because all of that is saved, and it’s not taking me any more time. All of the data goes straight into my documentation,” Ms. Lund added.

Watch the ASHA Convention 2021 Session and Start Accelerating Students’ Progress

From exciting educational sessions to groundbreaking new technology, there was a lot to see at the 2021 ASHA Convention. But if you missed an opportunity to see the Amplio platform in action, don’t worry. We are going to recap the main points for you and the session recording is available for you to watch here.  





Julie Zuckerman

Julie Zuckerman

Julie Zuckerman has over two and a half decades of experience in executive marketing and product marketing roles at technology companies. Her debut novel, The Book of Jeremiah, was published in 2019.

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