7 of the Best Education Twitter Accounts for Special Educators to Follow


As a special educator, it’s important to keep up with the latest K-12 and special education news, connect with other educators and leaders, and learn about current education policy and research. From digital news sites and magazines to podcasts and YouTube videos, there are so many channels where educators can find this content, but Twitter is an educator favorite for finding both community and timely news updates.
With nearly 400 million active users worldwide, it can be difficult for busy educators to find all of the best education Twitter accounts to follow. However, with so much educational content and such a range of educator perspectives, Twitter is a great place for special educators to connect and engage with news, best practices, and other educators. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of seven of the best education Twitter accounts for special educators to follow:

7 of the Best Education Twitter Accounts for Special Educators to Follow

Dr. Richard Selznick (@DrSelz)

Dr. Richard Selznick is a child psychologist and author who focuses on supporting students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, and deficits of executive functioning. He has written several books about dyslexia and created The Shut-Down Learner, a book and blog where he shares insights and ideas to support children with learning disabilities in an easy-to-understand way. On Dr. Selznick’s Twitter feed, he shares updates to his blog.

Understood (@UnderstoodOrg)

Understood is a resource for the 70 million people with learning and thinking differences, including ADHD and dyslexia. They uplift the stories of people with a variety of learning and thinking differences and provide resources, tips, and support to help people of all ages and abilities thrive. Their Twitter feed is dedicated to sharing quick facts and tips about living with thinking and learning differences, as well as updates to their website and podcasts.

Disability Scoop (@disabilityscoop)

Disability Scoop is a news organization devoted to covering developmental disability stories nationwide. They provide a timely and comprehensive take on current events, education, policy and politics, and business affecting people with disabilities and differences. Follow Disability Scoop on Twitter to get daily updates on the issues that matter to the developmental disability community.

Nicole Biscotti, M.Ed. (@BiscottiNicole)

Nicole Biscotti is an educator, author, and education influencer whose content focuses on supporting students with ADHD. She has a blog and wrote a book that aims to help parents and educators understand and better support students with ADHD. On her Twitter feed, you’ll find updates to her blog, tips, and inspiration, and shared news stories about ADHD.

MindShift (@MindShiftKQED)

MindShift is an education publication that explores the future of learning, covering cultural and tech trends with an emphasis on innovations in education. MindShift also produces a podcast focused on the future of learning. Follow MindShift on Twitter for updates on their podcast and education news and insights from across the web.

G3ict (@G3ict)

G3ict is an international advocacy initiative for the digital inclusion of people with disabilities. The organization aims to increase accessibility to digital resources and technology to provide equitable access to information and communication for all people. Their Twitter feed focuses on sharing news and updates about their different initiatives and accomplishments as an organization.

Sara Truebridge, Ed.D. (@saratruebridge)

Sara Truebridge is a globally recognized thought leader in education, combining 40+ years of experience across a diverse policy, education, and research background. She actively engages and mentors others, conducting and disseminating groundbreaking education research. Follow her on Twitter to participate in #ResilienceChat, a recurring virtual conversation about education that she moderates.

If the past few years have shown us anything, it’s the value of being able to connect with people all around the world virtually. These are just a few of the best education Twitter accounts to follow, but they all offer different perspectives and useful information for special educators. Follow us on Twitter @_Amplio_ to let us know which of your favorite special education influencers and accounts we missed and to keep up with news and stories from Amplio!

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