8 Special Education Blogs for Teachers


As a special education teacher, you may feel that there are few other educators in your school and district who can truly understand the challenges, joys, and intricacies of your job and managing your classroom. Fortunately, there are educators all over the country who share this experience and have created blogs where they share ideas, strategies, and resources related to being a special education teacher.
With the abundance of websites and resources available, it can be difficult to find the best places to find content that supports your professional development and provides you with fresh ideas and practical strategies for your classroom. That’s why we’ve created this list of eight of our top special education blogs for teachers.

Check out these eight special education blogs for teachers:

Breezy Special Ed

Breezy Special Ed offers ideas, materials, and resources to guide special education teachers in supporting their students. Created by Brie, a former high school life skills educator, this blog aims to provide educators with relevant and differentiated resources that can be easily implemented in high school special education classes.

Mrs. D’s Corner

Mrs. D’s Corner is focused on helping educators differentiate the standard curriculum to fit the needs of all students. Stephanie is a dual-certified Special Education (N-12) and Elementary Education (K-6) Teacher, and in this blog, she provides tips, tricks, and hacks that actually work in the special education classroom to make learning content functional, engaging, and meaningful for all students. 

Simply Special Ed

Simply Special Ed is a blog created by former special education teacher Alyssa Shanahan, with blogs written by a team of special ed teachers with different specialties and experience at different grade levels. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from new teachers to behavior and management to simplifying your special education classroom.

Mrs. P’s Specialties

Mrs. P, a.k.a. Pam, created this blog to help other educators implement research-based & effective teaching strategies in their classrooms. She offers a variety of different tips and resources for managing a classroom with minimal support and engaging students at all different levels.

Teaching Special Thinkers

Gabrielle of Teaching Special Thinkers has a passion for providing high-quality instruction and a nurturing learning environment for students with special needs. On her blog, she shares her teaching ideas and classroom resources that can meet the needs of different learning styles and ability levels and save teachers time.

The Bender Bunch

The Bender Bunch is a blog by a long-time rural special education teacher. The content is focused strongly on behavioral management as well as classroom management, lesson plans, and activities that can adapt to students with a wide range of abilities.

School Bells N’ Whistles

This blog offers resources and ideas for the special education classroom, curated by special education teacher Susan. School Bells N’ Whistles provides content with a strong emphasis on IEPs and all that is involved with them, such as assessments, data, planning, management, and goal-setting.

One Room Schoolhouse

One Room Schoolhouse is a blog about the creator Karla’s adventures in teaching special education. Find a variety of lessons, tools, and ideas on the blog about language, dyslexia, social skills, and even STEM learning.


These are just a few of the best special education blogs that create helpful content for educators. If you loved these and want to find more, check out the special ed blogs page on The Bender Bunch, which highlights over 50 blogs dedicated fully to special education content. And for a powerful special education learning platform that can help support the needs of your students with disabilities, schedule a consultation with one of our special education experts to see how you can improve student success with Amplio.

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