Example | Articulation in the Self-Contained Setting


I see multiple students for speech therapy in the autism room. Some of them have many goals to grow their speech production, work on apraxia, or on articulation errors as part of their IEPs. In this particular classroom, they also have multiple 1:1 stations. I like to go there because many students don’t like discontinuity in their routine, so many times it works out best for the student. Also, I’m often doing 1:1 therapy with this group of students.

When I go into the classroom, I go to my student’s desk and sit across from him. He has all his usual reinforcers needed to maintain engagement. He loves me to visit because he knows he’s going to get to use technology. In particular, he spends a lot of time on YouTube, so I always have his favorite channels cued up in the Amplio Learning Platform before starting.

  • SLP goes to the self-contained classroom with students with autism
    1:1 stations
  • Maintain structure for students by going to their environment
  • Usually, provide 1:1 therapy due to complex needs
  • Reinforcers present for each student
  • YouTube






Dr. Teressa Chapman

Dr. Teressa Chapman

Dr. Teressa Chapman is a special education leader with two decades of experience. Teressa has served as a special education teacher, grades K-8, and also has experience serving in administration in K-12. Dr. Chapman also has extensive knowledge with supporting pre-service and graduate-level teachers with best practices and individualized support through experience with her own nonprofit and higher education roles. Teressa has a passion for innovation and integrating technology into supporting students. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on blended learning interventions for vulnerable groups. Teressa is thrilled to be part of the innovation taking place at Amplio, and is excited to use her knowledge and expertise to support partners with individualized support utilizing effective interventions for their students.

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