Example | Narrative Language in Middle School Resource Setting


I am working with two middle school students that have mild intellectual disabilities. They are both working on reading a paragraph and extracting the information to answer a “textual problem solving” multiple-choice question.

  • Animals – Textual Problem Solving
  • Daily Situations – Textual Problem Solving
  • Nutrition – Textual Problem solving

They work on their learning paths and then I work with each student 1:1. While student A is working on his learning path for 15 minutes, I do direct therapy with student B. Then, we switch. When student B is working on his learning path, I do direct therapy with student A. Instead of waiting their turn for me to focus on one of them, they are engaged throughout the entire session on their individual learning paths. I make use of every minute I have with them for speech therapy. And, there are so many activities, I can easily work toward generalization without running out of stimuli. Amplio technology makes this possible.

Dr. Teressa Chapman

Dr. Teressa Chapman

Dr. Teressa Chapman is a special education leader with two decades of experience. Teressa has served as a special education teacher, grades K-8, and also has experience serving in administration in K-12. Dr. Chapman also has extensive knowledge with supporting pre-service and graduate-level teachers with best practices and individualized support through experience with her own nonprofit and higher education roles. Teressa has a passion for innovation and integrating technology into supporting students. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on blended learning interventions for vulnerable groups. Teressa is thrilled to be part of the innovation taking place at Amplio, and is excited to use her knowledge and expertise to support partners with individualized support utilizing effective interventions for their students.

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