Israel EdTech 50 Awards Amplio “Most Promising” in EdTech


Amplio was featured in the top five at Israel EdTech 50 event honoring Israel’s most promising education technology providers

Amplio was one of the five companies featured at an inaugural event today announcing Israel’s most promising ed tech startups. The 2021 Israel Ed Tech 50 is a joint initiative of HolonIQ, an impact intelligence platform for data insights, and EdTech Israel, a hub connecting the Israeli education business sector with international entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.

“We focus on young and fast-growing organizations,” said Patrick Brothers, co-CEO of HolonIQ when explaining the criteria for the judges. “We look broadly at five key criteria: market, the quality and attractiveness of the market; the product and the demonstrated impact; the team; the capital; and the momentum, the positive changes in the size, velocity and impact the company is having. There are some world-leading companies that are part of this cohort.”

Dr. Jacob (Yaki) Dayan, founder and CEO of EdTech Israel, spoke of the growth and strength of Israel’s edtech community, with over 2,000 community members, and the hopes of holding an Israeli Education Summit in 2022. He commended HolonIQ on the launch of the Israel EdTech 50 as a milestone in the ecosystem.

Rebecca Bishop, Amplio’s VP of Pedagogy, presented at Israel EdTech on behalf of Amplio, and compared the work Amplio is doing with the early days of cochlear implant technology. “I spent a good portion of my early career working with deaf and hard of hearing children who were gaining access to hearing through cochlear implant technology. By the early 2000s, these early implanted children were able to enter mainstream educational settings with spoken language skills that were on par with their hearing classmates – which completely transformed their long term academic outcomes.”

“I’m so proud of the work Amplio is doing to harness today’s advanced technologies to enable ALL special needs students the same kinds of opportunities.” She explained that Amplio is rapidly expanding its footprint to to serve all areas of need and accelerate progress tenfold.

“Impressive, the growth and work that you’ve done,” said Brothers after Amplio’s presentation. “It’s such a special and important area to focus on. Congrats to you and the team on all of the sucess and impact that you’re having.”

Julie Zuckerman

Julie Zuckerman

Julie Zuckerman has over two and a half decades of experience in executive marketing and product marketing roles at technology companies. Her debut novel, The Book of Jeremiah, was published in 2019.

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