Israeli Tech Companies Launch Online Crisis Support Platform to Support Ukrainian Families


 KAF connects families with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking health professionals for free assistance amidst crisis.

ROCKVILLE, Md., March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amplio Learning Technologies (“Amplio”) has partnered with tech companies, Femi and Kai, to form KAF, a platform providing remote emotional and medical support for the millions of Ukrainians in desperate need during the ongoing crisis. KAF services are free of charge and available immediately.

KAF delivers remote medical and emotional support for families in Ukraine and the 500,000+ refugees who have fled. The KAF platform connects them with Ukrainian and Russian-speaking health professionals from Israel, who can relate to the urgent need for assistance. The organization is looking for more Russian-speaking medical professionals to help. It also requests assistance from the public to spread the word about KAF to Ukrainians in need of help.

“One of our guiding principles includes enabling people to advocate for their own wellness needs, but in times of crisis, people need help,” said Dr. Yair Shapira, founder and CEO of Amplio. “We are proud to be part of a collaborative community; together, we can accomplish so much more, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to band together for good.”

The three companies that form KAF are Israeli and operate in the U.S., Europe, and worldwide. The Amplio Special Education Learning Platform facilitates evidence-based practice for various special needs, taking into consideration social-emotional aspects, onsite and remotely. Femi offers digital medical services, including Russian-speaking child psychologists who will leverage the Amplio platform to remotely assist Ukrainian children and refugees. Kai provides AI-based emotional assistance for teens and adults.

Together the companies can provide families with remote support and emotional therapy.

Individuals needing support can register to join a video call with a Ukrainian-speaking medical professional and mental health specialist trained to provide medical and emotional assistance.

  • For those seeking medical aid, register here.
  • For mental health services, register here.

Support is open to all ages, and adult supervision is required. Self-service emotional, social, and mental support is available for teens via anonymous online chat with professionals and peers and AI-powered bots operating on familiar apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.

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Femi is Israel’s largest telemedicine company, providing online and on-demand healthcare solutions that benefit patients where they choose, whether remotely, at home, or in the clinic. Femi specializes in the delivery of innovative telemedicine solutions, maximizing efficiency for healthcare providers, organizations, and providing quality care for patients. Femi’s clients include all of Israel’s HMOs, leading insurance companies, government organizations, the education system, and more. Learn more at

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Kai is an AI-powered mental health personal companion on a mission to support millions of people on the journey to a happier and more fulfilled life. Created by an expert team of psychologists, engineers, and content creators, the relationship with Kai develops as users learn scientifically-proven tools and techniques according to the Acceptance Commitment Therapy models (ACT) to become more mindful, and identify one’s true values and life goals. With Kai, the conversation is an ongoing journey, just like life. The focus is on long-term progress, small steps every day. Learn more at

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