The Critical Role of Morphosyntax in Language Development: A Closer Look at Amplio’s New Morphology and Syntax Programs


Understanding the interconnected nature of words and sentence structure, or morphosyntax, is a fundamental pillar in mastering any language. This complex interplay is especially pivotal in the realm of language learning and cognitive development that is supported within school-based speech-language therapy. 

A staggering 94.8 percent of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in elementary settings report having students with syntax and morphology needs as part of their caseloads (ASHA, 2022). However, the journey to effectively address these needs is often hampered by the scarcity and dated nature of available resources, which tend to narrowly focus on specific areas like prefixes and suffixes while sidelining the broader spectrum of morphosyntax.

Recognizing this critical gap, Amplio recently launched three brand-new speech and language programs to Amplio Speech & Language, designed to enrich the speech therapy landscape in school settings: POSE (Parts of Speech Exploration), MAPS (Morphological Affixes – Prefixes and Suffixes), and SAIL (Syntax Acquisition Incorporating Literacy). These programs are crafted to breathe life into the study of morphosyntax, making it not only accessible, but also engaging for students.

Understanding Morphosyntax

Morphosyntax – a combination of morphology (word forms) and syntax (the arrangement of words into sentences) – is a major pillar of effective communication and literacy. Mastery of morphosyntax supports the precise expression of complex ideas and emotions. Without a solid foundation in these areas, learners may struggle with both verbal and written communication, significantly impacting their social interactions and academic success.

The Significance of Morphosyntax in Educational Settings:

For school-based SLPs and other speech-language providers, morphosyntax is a critical therapeutic focus area. The instruction of morphosyntax has shown a positive correlation with improved academic outcomes, making it an indispensable part of special education resources and school-based speech-language therapy.

Dive into Amplio’s Morphosyntax Programs

POSE (Parts of Speech Exploration)

POSE targets the foundational elements of syntax: the parts of speech. By engaging learners through a variety of interactive methods grounded in evidence-based practices, POSE aims to solidify the building blocks of syntax, making it especially beneficial for young learners embarking on their language development journey.

MAPS (Morphological Affixes – Prefixes and Suffixes)

MAPS introduces students to the world of base words, prefixes, and suffixes. Through this exploration, learners develop a deeper understanding of word formation, which is pivotal in expanding vocabulary and fostering reading comprehension.

SAIL (Syntax Acquisition Incorporating Literacy)

SAIL goes beyond the basics of individual words, immersing students in themed stories and activities designed to scaffold their understanding of syntax. This program supports the construction of complex sentences, thereby enhancing students’ ability to communicate more sophisticated ideas through both speech and writing.

The Benefits of Amplio’s Morphosyntax Programs

Integrating POSE, MAPS, and SAIL – alongside the other evidence-based programs included within Amplio Speech & Language – into your district’s speech therapy curriculum holds huge potential for improving language learning and academic success. Educators and SLPs can expect to see improvements in students’ language abilities, including enhanced vocabulary, better sentence structure, and overall increased literacy levels. These gains not only contribute to academic success but also to the development of confident, effective communicators.

The intricacies of morphosyntax are undeniably critical to the development of robust language and literacy skills. Amplio’s innovative programs—POSE, SAIL, and MAPS—are tailored to meet the diverse needs of students requiring support in these areas, offering fresh, engaging approaches to speech therapy in school settings. 

We invite educators, decision-makers, and SLPs to explore these programs further, to witness firsthand the transformation they can bring to the language development journey of their students. For more information and to embark on this path with us, please visit our Amplio Speech & Language product page or reach out to our team to schedule a product consultation at your earliest convenience. Together, we can unlock the full potential of every student’s language capabilities.

Kristen Lund

Kristen Lund

Kristen Lund is a CCC-SLP with extensive experience in performing speech and language therapy. She worked for various organizations before joining Amplio's clinical team, where she is the Learning Programs Manager and Researcher.

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