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Introducing the New Amplio Platform: Empowering Speech & Language Programs – Exciting Expansion of Special Ed Support Ahead

Our next-generation platform for school-based special education is here. Amplio has long been committed to helping school-based providers optimize therapy time and maximize their impact – the launch of Amplio’s brand-new platform is a testament to that commitment.

Starting with the areas of speech, language, literacy, and dyslexia, Amplio blends equitable, evidence-based interventions with robust tools for efficiently managing rising caseloads and administrative tasks. After years of research, experimentation, development, and collaboration with our customers, our esteemed Advisory Council, and internal subject-matter experts, we’re ready to unveil the new-and-improved Amplio Platform.

Here’s what school districts using the Amplio Platform to support their special education service providers and students can expect:

Curated, evidence-based programs and practices 

Amplio’s structured, evidence-based programs are comprehensive, yet flexible – empowering providers to deliver engaging, individualized therapy and accelerate student progress.

All Amplio programs are aligned to state educational standards and requirements, enabling providers to connect their work to a student’s broader educational goals and what they’re learning in the classroom.

Amplio Speech & Language is the first set of programs available on the reimagined Amplio Platform. These programs include: 

  • REV, Repeated Exposure to Vocabulary – designed to help students who struggle with vocabulary acquisition, using stories and themes to make learning new words more engaging and meaningful.
  • WOW, Wealth of Words – designed to help students in grades PK-5 who have speech sound disorders, focusing on speech sound production at the word, phrase, and sentence levels.
  • LASSO, Literacy and Speech Sounds Overlap – a story-based articulation program designed for students with speech sound disorders who may be at risk of developing literacy delays.
  • KANGAROO, Knowledge About Narratives, Grammar, and Retelling Occasions in Order – an early narrative program that focuses on 5 main story elements: characters, setting, problem, feelings, and resolution, and helps students to put them together for a complete retelling of stories
  • High FIVE, Following Instructions, Visualizing, and Enacting Program – designed to help students follow directions with the use of repetition and visualization strategies. The program starts with simple one-step directions and gradually increases in difficulty by adding elements such as basic concepts, negation, prepositions, and additional steps. 
  • PUMA, Phonological Understanding: a Modified cycles Approach – designed for students in Pre-k through 2nd grade with moderate to severe phonological disorders. PUMA incorporates the Cycles Phonological Remediation Approach, which has been proven to be effective for these students.
  • CARTWHEEL, Comprehending and Responding To WH Questions in Early and Elementary Language – designed for Pre-k to 2nd-grade students who struggle with understanding comprehension questions.
  • CHAMP, CHanging Articulation with Minimal Pairs – based on the phonological intervention approach that incorporates word pairs differing by one sound. This program offers SLPs two clinical routes — a perception-production pathway and a meaningful-context one — to help remediate articulation/phonological deficits.

More programs focused on syntax, morphology, and advanced narrative skills are making their way to the Amplio platform soon.

Student experiences designed to fuel engagement, motivation, and mastery

The platform delivers immediate corrective feedback based on student performance, providing an interactive student experience. Playful, gamified experiences make Amplio a tool students want to use. 

Amplio accommodates educator-led instruction and practice, or independent practice outside of a session – meeting students wherever they learn best.

Accommodates full range of special education service delivery models

In pull-out or push-in, individual or small group sessions, co-teaching models, and MTSS interventions – the Amplio platform is designed for flexible use by SLPs and support professionals.

Instruction Mode: Allows educators to present session materials and exercises, guiding multiple students at a time during the session. 

Practice Mode: Allows students to complete exercises assigned to them during an educator-led session, and educators to oversee and collect data on their performance.

Independent Practice: Allows students to complete exercises on their own devices, in their classroom, or at home.

Caseload management and session planning tools for special education service providers

The Amplio Platform provides educators with a holistic view of their caseload for streamlined documentation & compliance workflows. This feature enables educators to:

  • Flexibly group students however works best.
  • Add assignments to multiple students’ queues simultaneously.
  • Streamline and simplify individualized session planning.

Streamlined documentation, compliance, and workflows

Amplio automatically collects data during student sessions – all of which are easily accessible within the student profile and reporting dashboard. Data collected includes:

Performance metrics, such as skill accuracy, rate of progress, and mastery.

Usage metrics, such as active students, active educators, and minutes per active student.

Interventional metrics, such as sessions completed and exercises completed.

District-level metrics to guide admin decision-making

Dynamic reporting dashboard provides visibility into performance, usage, and interventional data, so district leaders can easily see and quantify the impact of their department on student gains.

Customizable reports allow users to filter based on criteria like timeframe, school, educator, and focus area to drill down into the metrics that matter most to them.

Integrated with Classlink and Clever for efficient sign-on and rostering

The Amplio Platform integrates with widely adopted rostering solutions, allowing school districts to automatically import students and educators to create Amplio accounts, encouraging usage and adoption.

This keeps data in sync with the student information system and simplifies the login experience, allowing more time for instruction.

The Amplio platform is currently used by SLPs and students in schools across the United States. The platform is available for both in-person and remote instruction and practice.

For a limited time, Amplio is inviting districts to apply for an exclusive opportunity to pilot the new Amplio Platform for the ’23-’24 school year, at no cost. Learn more about Amplio’s Speech-Language Innovation Grant and apply today:

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