Supporting Students with Dyslexia Through Technology


Technology is a valuable tool in supporting students with dyslexia. Here are three benefits of using it:

Developments in research and technology have helped schools become better at identifying students with dyslexia than ever before. When signs of dyslexia are identified in students, schools are able to evaluate and serve these students under special education, enhancing the support these students receive. Through special education, educators can address the needs of students with dyslexia earlier and more effectively.

Technology is key to supporting students with dyslexia, as it can address the needs of students with dyslexia when they’re learning remotely or working independently, both at school and at home. With digital platforms and tools, students receive consistent and effective interventions – even if speech-language pathologists or other special education teachers can only meet with them a few times a week.

Here are three benefits of using technology to support students with dyslexia:

Increased Engagement and Motivation

Special education learning technology enables students to teach themselves, which helps to engage and motivate them. They respond positively to the immediate, corrective feedback they get from Amplio, which helps reinforce the importance of them utilizing the program and helps them track their own accomplishments.

Because it’s simple for students to access all of their learning materials and assessments right from their own device, lessons are more interactive and engaging. This gets students excited about learning.

Simplified Planning and Instruction

Supporting students with dyslexia through technology benefits teachers as well. One of the biggest improvements over traditional teacher instruction is that teachers have access to everything online, saving time, paper, and the frustration of searching through printed materials. Planning is easier, too – teachers can plan lessons from anywhere on their personal device by simply scrolling through materials and inserting them into the module for each lesson.

Access to Reports

Amplio’s special education platform provides easy access to useful reports. Reports can be easily retrieved and uploaded directly to an individualized education program.

Through reports, educators can access detailed data on the amount of time students spent on activities, what they worked on, and how well they perform on assessments. This helps with documentation and ensuring effective interventions are being made for each student.

Technology is a valuable tool in supporting students with dyslexia. The Amplio special education platform helps to accelerate student progress, empower educators, and create measurable impact. 

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Eran Minhar

Eran Minhar

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