Clinical Data Tagging Contractor: Speech Language

United States · Part-time and Full-time Available

About The Position

Overview: This document specifies the needs for a Speech/Language-specific clinical data tagging/labeling contractor.

Reports to: Learning Programs Researcher 


  • The Amplio Platform has tools designed for use by Speech Pathologists
  • Amplio has Speech/Language Programs designed for Speech Pathologists and their students
  • Tagged data is the first step to being able to create effective artificial intelligence algorithms for autonomous data collection


  • Provide transcription or correct/incorrect judgments of student audio recordings


  • Articulation (speech sound) data (e.g., /r/, /l/) 
  • Reading tasks (e.g., WCPM)
  • Language Sample Analysis
  • Question Answering
  • Definitions
  • Providing examples of realistic student responses


  • Use clinical judgment to determine student performance on tasks described in the scope above


  • Working as assigned on Amplio’s data labeling framework
  • Providing data in Google Sheets for realistic student responses

Amplio-Furnished Property

  • Amplio will not provide property; contractor will need to supply their own computer and internet

Security Considerations

  • Contractor will follow all of Amplio’s security guidelines
  • Contractor will use Amplio-provided email

Other Unique Requirements and Considerations

  • Contractor should be a certified speech/language pathologist or SLP assistant and have extensive experience with providing therapy in the school setting
  • Ability to phonetically transcribe student speech required

Place/Time of performance

  • Contractor shall perform QA in a remote location
  • Contractor shall be available to meet during business hours with the Learning Programs Researcher
  • 1-2 regularly scheduled meetings a week
  • Ad hoc to communicate questions/concerns

Period of performance 

  • 4 month duration
  • 40 hours per week

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Apply for this position