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  Amplio has changed our lives

Andrea Lowe
A Parent to a Child with Speech Impairment

Andrea Lowe’s son spent five years in the special education realms of the public school system, and he was in no way closer to speaking clearly. Moreover, he took a setback. 

Then came Amplio.

  When it comes to student progress, that’s one of the best things about Amplio.

Dr. Allison Jones
Special Education Director

Watch Dr. Jones, former Special Education Director at New Hanover County Schools, North Carolina, as she discusses her experience with Amplio.

  It makes your progress monitoring super easy.

Aris Musa
Dyslexia Specialist

Aris Musa, a Dyslexia Specialist from McKinney ISD, TX uses the Amplio platform for the 2nd year, says that the most important thing about Amplio is that it collects all the data for you.

  That helped make my data collection more accurate.

Tanya Argo
Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

“The students really seem to enjoy the games,” says Tanya Argo, Lead SLP at New Hanover County Schools, NC. “Some of the other SLPs that participated in the pilot said that the groups really enjoyed it, too. I really enjoyed the data collection and the level of cueing. That helped make my data collection more accurate.”

  The kids are having fun and they’re learning. I love it.

Mary Sanchez
Bilingual Dyslexia Specialist

Watch as Mary Sanchez, an 18-year veteran of Crowley ISD and an experienced Bilingual Dyslexia Specialist, explains why she loves the Esperanza Dyslexia Curriculum for Spanish on the Amplio Special Education Learning Platform.

  We’ve dismissed students from therapy for meeting their IEP goals.

Melissa De Leon
Director of Special Education

As the Director of Special Education for the Orenda Charter School District, watch as Melissa De Leon discusses how engaged and motivated the students are during their sessions with the Amplio Learning Platform using Amplio educator services. 

  We have to meet students where they’re at, and this is one of those platforms that can really help our educators and students.

Mary Jane Bowman
Executive Director of Literacy, Pre-K Programs, Dyslexia Services, and Academic Interventions

Mary Jane Bowman, Executive Director of Literacy, Pre-K Programs, Dyslexia Services, and Academic Interventions at Grand Prairie ISD, oversees 60 dyslexia professionals servicing over 1,000 students. Hear how Amplio helps empower her educators and accelerate student progress.

The platform enhances the therapy.  Everything required to deliver speech-language therapy is included within Amplio, and by collecting data and measurements, the clinician can make better decisions for each student.

J Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA  
Professor, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State University

  The platform helps students understand the coding aspect better.

Holly Jones
Dyslexia Instructional Specialist

Holly Jones, a Dyslexia Instructional Specialist from Waco ISD explains how Amplio’s Special Education Learning Platform makes it easy to educate and collect information about student progress.

  I can go back and see what we need to work on. The more data, the more accurate it is.

Rebecca Lerzundi
Bilingual Spanish Dyslexia Specialist

Rebecca Lerzundi, a Bilingual Spanish Dyslexia Specialist from Crowley ISD, explains the importance of collecting progress data for her students so that she can better serve them.  She feels it is especially powerful for interventions in Spanish with kids who are bilingual using the Dyslexia Curriculum for Spanish on the Amplio Learning Platform for Special Education.

  Amplio allows me to pace my instruction according to the students’ needs. That’s huge.

Francis Arnesen-Rubio
Dyslexia Instructional Specialist

Francis Arnesen-Rubio, an Itinerant Interventionist with Ysleta ISD, elaborates on how the Amplio Learning Platform for Special Education is helping her track her students’ progress and pace her instruction based on each student and their unique needs.

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