Flix-it! Using the MTA & Esperanza Curricula

Getting Started and Using the Digitized MTA & Esperanza Curricula on the Amplio platform

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Getting Started and Using the Digitized MTA Curriculum

Getting Started: MTA

How to get started with Amplio as a dyslexia interventionist using the MTA curriculum

MTA Baseline Assessment

The purpose of a baseline assessment and how to administer it

MTA Reading Probes

A great tool for measuring reading fluency

MTA Spelling Probes

Measure student spelling progress

MTA Handwriting

Along with other important MTA curriculum-related documentation and aids, the resource tab contains the necessary forms needed to practice, assess, and document your student’s handwriting progression.

MTA: Soundations Activity Help

Learn to use Soundations Activities for MTA

How to Download From the Resource Library

Have you ever wanted to print the MTA curriculum resource documents?

How Do Students Log in to Their MTA Sessions?

Learn exactly what to do to get your students logged in quickly and easily for their MTA dyslexia intervention sessions.

MTA: Multisensory Letter Introduction (MLI) Activity Help

Learn to use Multisensory Activities for MTA


Getting Started and Using the Digitized Esperanza Curriculum

Getting Started: Esperanza

How to get started with Amplio as a dyslexia interventionist using the Esperanza curriculum

Screener Exam

Brief summary of the Screener exam

Section One – Repasemos (Let’s Review)

Let’s take a close look on the first section of the Esperanza curriculum

Section Two – El Lenguaje (The Language)

Let’s take a closer look at the Language activities

Section Three – El Abecedario (The Alphabet)

Learn more about the activities in The Alphabet section.

Section Four – Tarjetas de Lectura (Reading Deck)

Skip sifting, organizing, and carrying around boxes with hundreds of paper cards!

Section Five – Repaso de Ortografía (Spelling Deck)

Get more details about the Spelling Deck activities.

Section Six – Información Nueva (New Information)

Let’s take a closer look into the New Information activities

Section Seven – Práctica de Lectura (Reading Practice)

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite activity and how you’ll save time

Section Eight – Práctica de Escritura (Writing Practice)

Brief description of the section and deep look into the activities

Section Nine – Práctica de Ortografía (Spelling Practice)

Let’s take a in-depth look at the Spelling Section activities

Section Ten – Expresión (Expression)

Brief description of the Expression Section

Section Eleven – Comprensión (Read Aloud)

Brief description of the Read Aloud Section

Progress Monitoring Exams (IMP)

Monitoring students’ progress is an important step in the Esperanza curriculum. Let’s take a closer look at the Progress Monitoring Exams.

Esperanza Games

Let’s take a look into the amazing Esperanza Games

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