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One unified toolbox for SLPs, powered by Amplio

Elevate the impact of speech-language services and redefine student support
with the Amplio Speech-Language Innovation Grant Program.

Accepting applications through October 20, 2023

Meet the brand-new Amplio platform

Amplio is reshaping the delivery of school-based speech-language services by blending evidence-based interventions with robust tools for efficiently managing rising caseloads and streamlining administrative tasks. Here’s how:

Unlock the potential of Amplio for the spring semester

Amplio invites innovative special education directors and speech-language coordinators to apply for our Speech-Language Innovation Grant. Here’s what awardees can expect:

Complimentary access to Amplio Speech & Language for the Spring 2024 semester

Empower your SLPs with Amplio’s comprehensive platform through our Speech-Language Innovation Grant. Elevate student support and drive innovation in your district’s speech-language journey.

Personalized Support & Tailored Professional Development

Partner with an SLP-turned-Amplio expert for direct guidance, regular progress reports, and insights into your team’s results. Benefit from customized interactive PD sessions, ensuring your SLPs harness the full potential of Amplio to innovate student support – all at no cost to grant recipients.

Opportunity to Join Dynamic Learning Community & Shape Special Ed's Future

Engage in a vibrant community with professional mentors and peers, enjoying exclusive online access to resources and engagement opportunities. Play an active role in molding the future of special ed, with your insights influencing Amplio’s continuous evolution to better support our unique learners.

When I saw Amplio, I was like, my headache is gone.

Gwendolyn Stallworth
Director of Special Education
Jackson County School District, MS

The Amplio platform is transparent, open, and focused on helping SLPs.

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District, WA

We really want to keep moving in the right, positive futuristic direction – and I think this is another asset to help us keep growing.

Christine Campbell
Lead SLP
Lancaster County School District, SC

It will allow our case managers to serve our students more efficiently, to keep better data, and adjust their service provision and their therapy. It'll take a lot of stress off their plate around the Medicaid billing and giving them more time to focus on the things they want to do, which is serve students, versus the things they have to do, which is their compliance, their case management.

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District, WA

From evidence-based learning programs and instructional content to AI-powered automated measurements and targeted student feedback, this platform does it all. Amplio has integrated all the elements needed to support best practices, documentation, and compliance – all in one platform. This is impressive.

Kathleen Whitmire
PhD, CCC-SLP (Ret), BCS-CL (Ret)
Amplio Senior Advisor

I'm reading it as sort of like an all-in-one: ‘Here's your stuff — but here's also how you can monitor the progress.’ I like the idea.

Heather Lackey
Director of Student Services
Berkley School District, MI

Amplio has changed our lives

Andrea Lowe
A Parent to a Child with Speech Impairment

One of the things I want to make sure is that our people have adequate, research-based resources. It keeps people from looking for things and just kind of piecemealing things together. So anytime I can give my staff resources that we truly honestly believe in – that all of them can access on some level? That's huge for us.

Tanya Brewer
Director of Exceptional Learners
South Bend Community School Corporation, IN

Speech-Language Innovation Grant Application

Please provide responses to the following questions to be considered for this grant program. If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at

Contact Information

Grant Evaluation Questions

Have questions before applying?

Join us at an upcoming informational session. In these 45-minute sessions, we’ll spend 25 minutes diving into the details of our Speech-Language Innovation Grant program – walking participants through the Amplio Platform, and discussing what to expect if their district is awarded a grant in this cycle. 

We’ll reserve 20 minutes for live Q&A, to make sure you have all the information you need to determine if this opportunity is a good fit for your district. All registrants will receive a follow-up email with a recording of the session, so we encourage you to register even if you can’t attend a live session!

Answers to commonly asked questions:

Who’s eligible to apply?

Amplio’s Speech-Language Innovation Grant is available to any U.S. school district with a minimum enrollment of 5,000 students that is not a current Amplio customer. You must also have at least five SLPs on staff with PK-3 caseloads. 

Is there a maximum number of providers and/or students who can pilot Amplio, if our district is awarded a grant?

We recommend piloting Amplio with as many SLPs across your district with Pre-K to grade 3 caseloads who are willing and eager to participate – at minimum, we require participation from five SLPs. Our current capacity limits each district pilot to a maximum of 15 provider and 500 student participants.
Based on our past experience, we’ve put together this checklist to guide district leaders in selecting SLP and student participants.

What’s the duration of the grant program?

For the current Speech-Language Innovation Grant cycle, awardees will benefit from free access to Amplio Speech & Language through July of 2024.

When will I find out if my district is being awarded a Speech-Language Innovation Grant?

We will award grants on a rolling basis to ensure we’re able to complete onboarding and implementation of the Amplio platform as quickly as possible. Once you submit an application, our team will carefully review it and communicate the results as soon as possible – all applicants will be notified no later than November 10 about the outcome of their application.

I have more questions – is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! Please email to ask any questions or to arrange a time to discuss your questions live.