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Expand your capacity to serve the diverse needs of all learners

Address your immediate and long-term special education staffing needs with remote speech and language therapy, remote reading intervention, and more.

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Address special education staffing shortages with remote expertise and innovation

Ease caseloads and reduce staff overwhelm

Amplio provides clinical services while supporting districts with administrative tasks, too. We tailor services to fit the unique requirements of each student, while ensuring regulatory and IEP compliance.

Quality care, consistently

Amplio’s licensed SLPs and reading interventionists deliver consistent, high-quality remote therapy for every student by using Amplio’s research- and evidence-based programs and curricula.

Simplified logistics. Maximized student progress.

Amplio takes the logistical burden off your shoulders by assigning a dedicated point-person to each of our partner districts. That expert will take the lead on caseload management and provider assignment, so you can focus your time elsewhere.

Supporting student progress through specialized clinical services

Amplio offers remote clinical services that align with each district’s unique needs, and ensure your
students receive essential support in alignment with their IEP and 504 plans.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our remote speech-language pathologists (SLPs) deliver individualized therapy using Amplio Speech & Language programs. These evidence-based programs are specifically designed to engage students while targeting a wide range of speech and language goals.

Our remote speech therapy services include:

  • In-depth evaluations: Thorough and accurate assessment of students’ speech and language skills.
  • Direct interventions: Individualized, targeted therapy in compliance with the students’ service plans.
  • Progress monitoring: Transparent service data documenting each student’s development.
  • Case management and IEP team coordination: Efficient case management and and collaboration with IEP teams to ensure students’ needs are addressed comprehensively.

Reading Intervention Services

Amplio’s remote reading interventionists offer structured literacy support to both English- and Spanish-speaking students. Using the evidence-based curricula within Amplio Reading Intervention, our dyslexia experts empower students, instilling confidence and nurturing a love for reading.

Our remote reading intervention services include:

  • Screenings: Early identification of students at risk of dyslexia.
  • Eligibility evaluations: Comprehensive assessments to determine eligibility for special education services in reading.
  • Direct reading interventions: Implementation of structured literacy programs designed for students with dyslexia, fostering their reading skills and confidence.

"In working with Amplio, we have found that student success is the company's primary focus. Our students have thrived! Their commitment to our district and our students has been amazing. Amplio has worked with us during some difficult, unexpected needs and has always gone out of their way to provide excellent service for our students."

Sherry Collier
Supervisor of Student Services
Lee County Public Schools

Supporting district staff by alleviating administrative overload

Through Amplio Learning Services, we help special education leaders manage speech-language and dyslexia caseloads, reduce service backlogs, and remain compliant.

Accelerate Student Progress

Streamlined scheduling

We provide effortless scheduling coordination between your staff and Amplio’s educators.

Accelerate Student Progress

Medicaid-compliant documentation

Amplio’s educators maintain end-of-month, state-compliant treatment documentation, easing your Medicaid tracking process.

Accelerate Student Progress

Single point of contact

With a dedicated Amplio Service Team Lead assigned to your district, enjoy streamlined communication and hassle-free coordination for all services provided.

Accelerate Student Progress

Transparent student progress tracking

Access essential student data easily, with immediate insight into usage, performance, and intervention impact through the Amplio platform.

Accelerate Student Progress

Initial and ongoing eligibility evals

Our educators provide speech-language and dyslexia evaluations using standardized & non-standardized digital measures.

Accelerate Student Progress

Tailored to your district

We adjust Learning Services based on your district’s specific needs – whether it’s custom reporting or logging session notes directly within your IEP system.

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