Ancillary Services Level Agreement


This agreement represents a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between Amplio Learning Technologies Inc. (“Amplio”) and Entity for the provision of digital special education and/or dyslexia intervention services in connection with and through the use of Amplio’s Platform (“Services”). Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions or other written agreement between the parties, as applicable (“Agreement”).

Amplio Responsibilities

  1. Assign a Clinical Team Lead who will lead the implementation project and ensure that Amplio and Entity are coordinated with respect to the use of the Services.
  2. Provide technical support during school hours to assist in troubleshooting technical issues with the use of the Platform, if and when they arise. Support may be provided by email, telephone, or via the Platform to any End User.
  3. Assign certified, qualified and trained Professionals as needed to provide the Services.
  4. Provide online training to the Entity Facilitator(s) (as defined below) and/or to the Student’s parents or guardians to perform the tasks required to initiate a session, troubleshoot and contact support as needed.
  5. Support Entity in creating the Service schedule or create the Service schedule with support from Entity, as per Entity’s request.
  6. Provide the documentation for Medicaid claims according to state-level requirements. Additional data beyond the minimum requirements may be provided at additional cost.

Entity Responsibilities

  1. Assign a main point of contact for the implementation process, who will ensure Entity implementation tasks are completed in a timely manner to allow the service to start as planned.
  2. Make available the Platform and technical requirements (compatible devices, access to the internet and data services, and certain necessary software as per Amplio’s minimum requirements such that End-Users can reach, access and use the Platform as intended) within its facilities and/or to all End Users. Minimum requirements are available at
  3. Provide tier 1 technical support for such requirements and provide contact details of Entity IT specialist(s) who will be responsible for the above.
  4. Four weeks prior to service start day, provide each Student with the caseload information including, but not limited to, number of students, required IEP time and/or session frequency, parents/guardians contact information (email and/or phone number), and IEP goals.
  5. Ensure all Entity Professionals and authorized personnel undergo training on use of the Platform.
  6. Assign site facilitator(s) for the session, who will help with the logistics of the session, ensure students’ participation in the session according to the session schedule and communicate as needed with Amplio’s representative concerning any schedule changes, logistical issues or specific requirements. Provide the email address and phone number (and ensure such information is up-to-date) of each site facilitator.
  7. Obtain all required End User consents, including without limitation the consent of parents or guardians of Students to receive the treatment through the Platform, prior to use of the Platform, and to properly and duly store all the signed consent forms.
  8. Provide Amplio personnel access and training to the school’s IEP software, as required.
  9. Provide the academic schedule for each Student, including daily schedule & therapy availability and school year calendar, including progress reporting due dates.

Make-Up Sessions and No-Show Policy

  1. Make-up Sessions – Amplio will make up time lost for any sessions missed due to its staff absence or Platform malfunctions. Amplio shall not be obliged to provide make-up sessions for sessions missed due to any other reason (such as school activities, school IT, school staff absence, holidays or Student absence), unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. No-Show Policy – If a Student is absent from a session without cancelling at least one hour in advance or if the Student joins the session more than 15 minutes after the scheduled session time, the session will be fully charged.