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Helping your district’s special education providers make the most of every minute

Introducing Amplio: the first platform built exclusively for special education. Deliver engaging student experiences, simplify documentation and compliance, and gain powerful oversight with insightful reporting and dashboards, all in one place.

Evidence-Based Curricula and Programs
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Optimizing intervention time. Maximizing provider impact.

Amplio helps school districts balance provider impact and efficiency, student engagement, and administrator oversight through a commitment to these guiding principles:

Evidence-Based Curricula & Programs

Streamlined documentation and compliance workflows, so providers spend less time on paperwork – more time working with students.

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Join the Team

Interactive student experiences that engage and motivate learners as they work towards mastery.

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Learning Disabilities

Curated, evidence-based programs and practices educators can rely on to individualize intervention and accelerate student progress.

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Transparent, easy-to-use reporting that gives stakeholders at all levels the information they need to monitor and celebrate progress.

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Less time on session prep and paperwork, more time with students

The Amplio platform provides practical tools that help providers make the most of their precious time.

Caseload management and session planning tools

Amplio simplifies session planning with intuitive tools and ready access to evidence-based programs. Educators can easily group students and assign activities in bulk, streamlining preparation and ensuring personalized learning experiences for each student.

Automated data collection

Eliminate manual tallying with Amplio’s automated data collection. The platform measures and responds to student performance during sessions, providing immediate instructional feedback to keep students engaged and motivated – saving providers valuable time while improving the accuracy of their session documentation.

Documentation and compliance made easy

Using the data that’s automatically collected during each session, Amplio generates pre-populated session notes – making Medicaid reporting and IEP documentation faster and easier. That means educators can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing individualized interventions.

Evidence-based programs and practices

Amplio’s research-backed programs are the core of our special education platform. Starting with the areas of speech, language, and literacy, our evidence-based content and curricula equip educators with a reliable foundation, enabling them to deliver targeted, individualized intervention that meets the unique needs of each learner.

Amplio Speech & Language

The programs that make up Amplio Speech & Language are comprehensive, yet flexible – designed to help SLPs in school settings deliver engaging, individualized therapy that supports communication in the classroom and beyond. 

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Amplio Reading Intervention

Coming to the all-new Amplio platform soon, the curricula within Amplio Reading Intervention are meticulously crafted and digitized – helping educators efficiently deliver engaging, personalized literacy intervention that addresses the diverse needs of students with dyslexia.

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“Amplio will allow our case managers to serve our students more efficiently, to keep better data, and adjust their service provision and their therapy. It'll take a lot of stress off their plate around the Medicaid billing, giving them more time to focus on the things they want to do – which is serve students – versus the things they have to do – which is their compliance, their case management.”

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District 411, WA

Engaging learning, empowered students

The Amplio platform is designed to foster student engagement and motivation. By packaging our evidence-based programs into interactive, gamified exercises, students aren’t just recipients – they’re active participants in their learning journey.

Whether in individual or group sessions, in-person instruction or remote independent practice, Amplio accommodates the full range of service delivery models to ensure consistent and engaging learning experiences for all students.

Insights at your fingertips: dynamic reporting for informed decisions

Amplio’s intuitive reports and dashboards offer instant access to performance, usage, and intervention data, facilitating informed decision-making for both district leaders and educators. 

Customizable reports and detailed student metrics provide insights necessary for effective intervention planning and student progress tracking. With easy navigation and real-time data, Amplio helps administrators and educators understand what’s working and adjust what’s not.

Ready to give your district’s educators and students the resources and support they need to thrive?

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