Amplio is the First & Only Learning Platform Designed Exclusively for Special Education

Deliver dynamic, engaging instruction for students, reduce workloads for educators and give administrators greater oversight on compliance and operations with the Amplio Learning Platform for Special Education.

Built-In Evidence-Based Programs & Curricula

Built-In Programs & Evidence-Based Curricula

Use our substantial library of programs addressing special education, speech and language impairments, and learning disabilities.

Increase Practice Intensity by Up to 10X*

Stop wasting time on session preparations. All students in the group practice simultaneously, with immediate feedback, and self-practice.

*Estimated repetition for articulation

Get Accurate & Immediate Feedback

Get Accurate & Immediate Feedback

Amplio’s learning path is paved with activities that provide automatic, immediate feedback to the student.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Track hundreds of data points per student per week and gain actionable recommendations for the educator and administrator.


Fidelity of Delivery

Educators can focus on what matters most – student progress. We will take care of the programs, learning materials, measurements, documentation, and administration.

A True Learning Platform for Special Education

Accelerate Student Progress

Evidence-Based Curricula

Accelerate Student Progress

Automatic Session Notes

Accelerate Student Progress

Blended Group Session

Accelerate Student Progress

In-Person & Remote

Accelerate Student Progress

Independent Practice

Accelerate Student Progress

Compliance & Medicaid

Educator empowered by Amplio

Save Time & Increase
Teaching Capacity

The Amplio Learning Platform for Special Education is designed to save educators time, reduce workloads, increase teaching capacity, improve data-driven decision making, and ultimately help students reach their full potential.


Evidence-based curricula


Streamlined interventions


Integrated content and smart activities


Intuitive session planning


Automated documentation and reporting

Amplio helps educators keep their focus on achieving excellent outcomes for their students. I’ve taught over 20,000 professionals to deliver data-driven therapy and the Amplio Platform for Special Education brings this to reality.

J Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA  
Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State University

Get All the Features You Want on
One Unified Learning Platform

Accelerate Student Progress

Evidence-Based Practice

Follow a learning path with relevant suggestions to meet students’ IEP goals.

Accelerate Student Progress

Progress Monitoring

Built-in probes and assessment tools track student success related to skills. 

Accelerate Student Progress

AI-Driven Measurement

Automated data collection using AI programming and machine learning.

Accelerate Student Progress

Systems Integration

Easily integrate with your existing tools and platforms to ensure data integrity.

Accelerate Student Progress

Security & Privacy

Data protection, privacy and system security that meet industry standards.

Accelerate Student Progress

Dashboards & Reporting

Provide transparency to educators, administrators, and parents. 

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Speech, Language, & Literacy Programs

Programs for Speech-Language Impairment

Learning Disabilities

Curricula for Learning Disabilities

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