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Evidence-based speech and language programs

Unify your district’s speech-language services by equipping providers with a common set of engaging, research-backed programs that are comprehensive, yet flexible.

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Redefine how you support speech-language providers and students with Amplio Speech & Language

Innovatively developed evidence-based programs

Amplio’s comprehensive speech and language programs empower SLPs to deliver individualized therapy designed to accelerate student progress.

Designed to fuel student engagement and mastery

During educator-led instruction or independent practice, Amplio keeps students motivated through playful, gamified experiences and real-time instructional feedback.

Simplified delivery via the Amplio platform

Armed with powerful administrative tools that streamline session planning, documentation, and compliance, the Amplio platform helps providers make the most of their precious time.

Explore the evidence-based programs and resources available within Amplio Speech & Language

"The Amplio platform is transparent, open, and focused on helping SLPs."

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District 411, WA

"When I saw Amplio, I was like, my headache is gone."

Gwendolyn Stallworth
Director of Special Education
Jackson County School District, MS

"We really want to keep moving in the right, positive, futuristic direction and I think this is another asset to help us keep growing."

Christine Campbell
Lead SLP
Lancaster County School District, SC

"It will allow our case managers to serve our students more efficiently, to keep better data, and adjust their service provision and their therapy. It'll take a lot of stress off their plate around the Medicaid billing, giving them more time to focus on the things they want to do – which is serve students – versus the things they have to do – which is their compliance, their case management."

Jameson Moore
Director of Elementary and Early Childhood Special Services
Issaquah School District, WA

Evidence-based excellence in Amplio Speech & Language

Crafted by our dedicated Learning Programs team of speech-language and curriculum experts, each Amplio program stands on a foundation of rigorous research. Those programs are now further endorsed by the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise. This certification underscores our commitment to rigorous research and evidence-based practices.

For educators, we provide in-depth manuals that outline program evidence, practical applications, and curriculum alignments, ensuring an informed and effective approach to speech and language interventions.

Teaching to Mastery with the Dyslexic Student

Seamless delivery, elevated outcomes with the Amplio platform

Amplio Speech & Language is powered by the Amplio platform, meticulously designed to amplify the efficacy of school-based providers. The platform equips SLPs with tools that simplify session planning, automate data collection, and streamline administrative and compliance tasks. That means more quality time dedicated to what matters most: student engagement and transformative therapy.

For administrators and educators, the Amplio platform provides comprehensive reporting, shedding light on student journeys and fueling informed, strategic decisions – and ensuring consistent intervention excellence districtwide.

Amplio Learning Services: Comprehensive support to bridge the staffing gap

From screenings to therapy to progress monitoring, our remote team of licensed therapists and certified SLPs addresses your district’s short- and long-term staffing needs. By utilizing Amplio Speech & Language programs in each therapy session, we deliver consistently high-quality interventions to your students.

Our providers’ use of the Amplio platform amplifies the benefits of our remote services. District admins gain immediate access to session data and in-depth reporting, offering unmatched transparency and actionable insights for continuous improvement in special education initiatives.

Special Education LMS

Synched with educational standards

Amplio Speech & Language programs harmoniously align with educational standards, bridging therapeutic efforts with students’ classroom learning.

Through thorough research, our team has crafted crosswalks, demonstrating the educational relevance of Amplio’s offerings across all grade levels.

Amplio Speech & Language and NC Standard Course of Study

Alignment between the Amplio Speech & Language and the NC Standard Course of Study (SCOS)

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Amplio Speech & Language & Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Alignment between Amplio Speech & Language and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum

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Amplio Speech & Language & Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Alignment between Amplio Speech & Language and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

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