Introducing the Future of Speech-Language Impairment Programs

Amplio combines the power of a special education learning platform with structured, protocol-based activities that equip educators to help students with articulation, fluency, speech, reading, language, social communication and other challenges. 

Track speech-language skills with real-time phonetic transcriptions of speech to identify error patterns, specific measures to assess and track each student’s unique speech characteristics, a means to track pragmatic language skills over time, and dozens of other engaging interactive, multisensory content, and AI-driven activities.

The Future of Speech-Language Impairment Programs

Data Points

Minutes of Interventions

Learning Paths

Use Our Growing Library of Programs for Every Aspect of Speech-Language Impairment Instruction



Grow students’ ability to understand and process language



Drive speech fluency for increasing complex language demands



Learn how to read, speak, and listen to communicate effectively


Narrative Language

Improve the ability to use narrative language for storytelling


Social Communication

Help students use appropriate communication in social situations


Speech Production

Develop sound production and auditory discrimination skills


Syntax & Morphology

Acquire skills in sentence and word structure



Engage students with tools to communicate clearly

We’ve dismissed students from therapy for meeting their IEP goals. You can tell that they’re motivated and happy. They were having fun.

Melissa De Leon
Director of Special Education, Orenda Charter School District

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Evidence-Based Curricula & Programs

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