Build Stronger Linguistics Skills with Syntax & Morphology Programs

Help your students with expressive language disorders improve sentence and word structure with syntax and morphology programs and curricula.

Syntax & Morphology
Syntax & Morphology

What does syntax and morphology mean?

Syntax is the study of sentence structure, its relationship to meaning, and theoretical models that account for the ability of speakers to generate an infinite number of novel utterances. Morphology is the study of word structure and its relationship both to sentence structure and to meaning.

 Syntax & Morphology Program

Syntax & Morphology Program Highlights

At Amplio, we focus on helping your students develop their syntax and morphology skills. Some program highlights are shown below for reference. Want to see more? Our programs are always growing based on feedback from our team of experts.

Embedded tasks available for students of varying abilities with different goal areas
Activities for comprehension, and expression of Sentence Structures in alignment with language development norms

From early language formulation (subject-verb), to sentences with multiple clauses and questions formulation

Interactive activities and games that are engaging to students of different ages, language levels, and interests
Tasks for comprehension and expression of Word Structures

Word structure targets include, but are not limited to, present progressive verb tense, regular and irregular plurals, regular and irregular past tense verbs, future tense verbs, modal and helping verbs, prefixes and suffixes

Games to facilitate increased MLU (Mean Length of Utterance)
Language samples documented automatically and calculated with TTR (Type Token Ratio)

Standards Alignment for Syntax & Morphology

The Amplio Syntax & Morphology Program is aligned to educational standards, including the Common Core Standards, as well as other state standards.


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Intervention Scenario: Syntax & Morphology Therapy

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Minutes of Interventions

Learning Paths

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