Webinar: The Day After Dyslexia Screening: What’s Next?

What is a dyslexia screener? Is it different from a universal screening? Why is it important to include different student characteristics and groups? What happens if a student does not pass a screening?

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get answers to those questions and more


get to know the next steps needed after screening


learn about the innovative technological solution to help students with dyslexia


Dr. Jean Blosser
CCC-SLP, a recognized expert in special education and speech-language intervention services. Jean has authored articles, teaching resources and textbooks. She is a Fellow of ASHA, The American Council on Education, and National Academies of Practice. President of Creative Strategies for Special Education.

Dr. Joan Mele-McCarthy
CCC-SLP, Executive Director at The Summit School in Edgewater, MD. Former Senior Policy Advisor and Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS) in the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Worked in public schools, university settings, and private practice. Chair of Maryland’s Governor’s Task Force on the Implementation of a Dyslexia Education Program.

Aimee Rodenroth, M.Ed.
LDT, CALT-QI, a certified educator in grades 1-8, with ESL and special education certifications. Instructed students in a wide array of multisensory teaching approaches for reading and writing remediation in public schools. Dyslexia Subject Matter Expert for Amplio.


Dr. Teressa Chapman
Director of Special Education Solutions, Amplio. Passionate about ensuring that exceptional students receive innovative and effective interventions. MA in special education; Ph.D. in educational leadership.


Webinar On-Demand

Webinar On-Demand